Webinar | Use Power Platform to replace gut feeling

Kes? Toomas Mõttus | Primend
Millal? 17. juuni 2020 10:00:00
Kus? Webinar

Sellel inglise keelsel veebiseminaril annab Toomas ülevaate Power Platformi võimekusest ning näitab kuidas see on integreeritud Office 365, Teams ja Azure teenustega.

Gut feeling has long been the main manager’s analysis method. As companies grow or business environments change, the logic based on gut feeling may fail you. The main advantage of a gut feeling has always been speed – it is better to make a decision and go with it than to postpone a decision and do nothing.

In post COVID-19 world companies become more distributed and information from interactions is not coming in. There is no source for a gut feeling. There is a need for rapid data collection and visualisation solutions to support decision making processes.

Microsoft Power Platform combined with Azure Data Services provides rapid development platform. Power Platform is integrated with popular Office 365 services to create rapid data entry and visualisation solutions. As the volume of data grows and value extracted from analysis increases, Azure platform provides virtually unlimited resources for data storage and AI analysis. Companies can improve speed of their business processes and include business line workers into decision making process.