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Joosep's journey with Primend | 3 years

Joosep's journey with Primend | 3 years

This year signifies Joosep's third anniversary as the Head of Sales at Primend. Come and explore his journey!

How did you find your way to Primend? 

A few years ago, two companies, Primend and Iteraction, merged, and I was a shareholder in the latter for many years. This is how I found my way to Primend. The merger was built on our shared value: "Together is Better." It seemed that Iteraction and Primend shared a remarkably similar business vision and culture, each having something valuable to offer the other. As a shareholder, one of my motivators was the prospect of having six partners with diverse skill sets working alongside me every day. After three years, I can proudly say that the merger has been exceptionally successful, and everything has gone as planned.

Joosep Truu


What's your role?

In Primend, my primary role is to act as the "glue" that keeps teams collaborating effectively towards common goals. I extract the best ideas, package them, and guide the team in the right direction. Our team consists of independent and capable individuals, so my task is mainly to support, inspire, and ensure everyone can take necessary breaks. It brings me great joy to see how, through effective leadership, people can overcome fears and change habits, achieving even more than anyone could have expected. The biggest professional achievement is that, in the last three years, we have grown Primend's size by 2.5 times (from 40 to 100 employees!), maintaining strong collaboration models and systems that enable us to take the next growth leap.

Life beyond the office...

After an intense workday, I unwind by engaging in outdoor sports, whether it's cycling, running, or skiing. I also enjoy group activities with friends, such as board games. However, my greatest joy comes from spending time with my family, exploring hiking trails, and traveling together.

What are the three most important qualities that an employee experience specialist should have?

For me, the qualities of a successful sales manager include:

  • The ability to systematically manage time.
  • Courage to overcome unfounded fears.
  • Solution-oriented mindset and the ability to simplify complex matters.
  • A collaborative approach with both clients and the team.

An important lesson I've learned is that people are generally good-hearted. If you treat others well, you receive the same in return. Not every battle needs to be won, and making compromises ultimately leads to more victories.