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Marion's journey with Primend | 5 years

Marion's journey with Primend | 5 years

This year marks the fifth year at Primend for our Employee Experience Specialist Marion. Join us in reading about her incredible journey with Primend.

How did you find your way to Primend? 

My journey with Primend began with one of the most peculiar job interviews I've ever had. I had previously held roles like customer service and data entry at a gas station company, and various positions in the automotive and marine industries. Definitely, my most memorable job was in Cyprus, where I worked as a boat saleswoman by day and a nightclub bouncer by night. It was an unforgettable time in my life.
When I first learned about Primend, I didn't quite grasp what was expected of me in this new role. Nonetheless, I accepted the offer, primarily because I was instantly drawn to the incredible people I met during the interview process. Little did I know that this decision would mark the beginning of my journey as Primend's first Customer Success Specialist.

Marion What's your role?

Over the past 2.5 years, my role at Primend has evolved into that of an Employee Experience Specialist. In this capacity, I focus on critical aspects of the employee lifecycle, such as recruitment, onboarding, and retention, along with the exciting task of organizing company events, like Summer Days, Christmas, and other fun activities.
When I first joined Primend, I mentioned my interest in human resources. At that time, the idea of having an HR department at Primend seemed quite far-fetched, given the company's modest size of only 20 employees. Yet, as fate would have it, dreams have a way of coming into reality.

Life beyond the office...

Outside of work, my time is dedicated to my loving family. My partner and I are proud parents to a delightful 4-year-old daughter. Together, we love outdoor adventures, create art, and enjoy quality time indoors. We also frequently do road trips across Estonia - a really fun way to spend your free time.
In the early hours of the day, while the rest of my family is asleep, I hit the gym, setting the tone for the day ahead. Additionally, I'm currently quite busy with my master's thesis, which researches the significance of IT specialists' work and the expectations of their employers. The project consumes a significant portion of my free time.

How much have you evolved in five years?

I'm really grateful, that I've had substantial personal and professional growth here during my journey. While theoretical knowledge acquired in school is invaluable, the true test lies in effectively applying that knowledge. The success and satisfaction of my colleagues are the ultimate recognition of our collective achievements.

What are the three most important qualities that an employee experience specialist should have?

In my role as an Employee Experience Specialist, I've come to appreciate the importance of empathy and adaptability. One of my team members once said that our employee experience team should never turn into "mean HR aunties." This thought resonates with me daily and fuels our commitment to ensuring that our work family enjoys an exceptional work experience.

In conclusion, my journey from various odd jobs to becoming an Employee Experience Specialist has been nothing short of an adventure. It confirms the belief that life is unpredictable and holds a lot of remarkable opportunities that can arise when you least expect them.